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Dogs have faces too! Bark Match — Can you believe this? Give your best bark and the voice recognition software will show you your ideal dog , with the most similar, but most likely better, bark. Lifestyle Match — Cesar will ask you some questions about your lifestyle, so he and the app can match you up with the perfect dog! Search Your Local Shelters — Found your four-legged life companion?

Search your location for a shelter and put your paw in the door with our pre-populated location — based Google search. Share the results! Cesar Milan also provides clips of tips on life with a canine and dog adoption. You can still help your canine life — companion match with a donation to the Millan Foundation.

For any issues related to customer service, please go to samsung. For media inquiries, please contact hq. Menu open Search open Nation choice page link. It was amazing to watch her progress on the daily videos and see Tina slowly change and enjoy her training.

Be the Pack Leader: Use Cesar's Way to Transform Your Dog . . . and Your Life by Cesar Millan

She was mentored by Gloria who is a specialist with anxious dogs, who delivered her back home and spent hours with us to ensure we could carry on her training. We now have a happy dog, who is craving praise and human interaction with an on ongoing training programme tailored to her. We can't thank Nick and his team enough, with special thanks to Gloria for her patience and dedication More Hi Nick Your team are very professional and caring. Finley Bear has learned so much during his time basic obedience training with you.

Larissa is so calming with him and obviously cares about her little charges, she is a credit. Went in for all types of aggression and came out a new dog! We were having behaviour issues with our 4 year old Bernese Mountain Dog, and really had our hearts in our mouths when he approached a stranger as it could go either way - Nick quickly recognised that he had anxiety, which coupled with his huge size and strength was not a safe combination. We feared the worst for him, but he was such an affectionate, lovely dog with us, he really deserved the best chance.

He was away for three and a half weeks, and we were surprised and delighted by the dog that came back to us. Gone was the tense, strained body language, he was calmer, less excitable, and altogether a happier dog. We could not believe the change, and we have been shown how to maintain the good behaviour, and are confident that he will go from strength to strength. We are so grateful to Pack-Leader, we have been given another chance.

Pack Leader, Not Your Usual Matchmaking App

Finding Pack Leader and Nick was the best thing to happen to me and my dog. It has completely changed my viewpoint on dog training. Nick is like a real life dog whisperer and has put in so much time and effort into getting to know my dog personally, and really helping me to learn as well. His doggy dog care is also a god send -m y dog prefers it there than his own home!

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I can't recommend him highly enough! His doggy day care is also a good send - my dog prefers it there than his own home! I cannot recommend him highly enough! We sent our little dog Moo for 12 days with Pack Leader and since being home have been able to take him out on a loose lead and do the training that they sent us in the videos, and have noticed a big change in how Moo has been.

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Cant wait to keep up Moo's progress and thank you so much to Pack Leader and the team for what they have all done :D More Fantastic training. I sent Max my Staffy cross for the 3 week program and such a huge change! Gloria was brilliant and he now respects me as his owner and I truly enjoy taking him out for walks now. I am now also able to take him to a dog social group every week in my area to continue to work on his relationship with other dogs without fear as he listens to me brilliantly now.

Honestly cannot thank pack leader enough!! Just got my lad back over 2 weeks of training.


Very happy with the team especially Gloria. Thanks guys from me and Romeo. Our rescued German Shepherd was having issues with dogs and humans. Showing aggression towards both. After two weeks, videos sent daily from Pack Leader, our German Shepherd, and us, have an excellent start to our training.

She is now socialising with dogs and people. Thanks to Nick, Gloria and the team. We brought our 4 year old dog that we rescued from Cyprus to Pack-Leader after someone else recommended Nick to me. We spoke over the phone and Nick asked us loads of questions to better understand the issues that we were having. He talked us through the several options and although initially wanting to have a trainer come us we decided that the best option would be to board Milly for a few weeks. They came and collect her, provided us with daily updates and brought her back once the boarding was completed after which they taught us everything during a handover session.

The changes in Milly are incredible, she went from being a very nervous and anxious dog with no obedience to a happy outgoing dog that comes back when we call her, walks nicely on the leash and knows other commands as well.

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The whole process from the initial call with Nick to having Milly back went very smooth and we are very happy having made the choice to get het trained by the team. We will recommended Pack-Leader to all our friends and family. I got Marley an Alaskan Malamute from a rescue centre where he had been for over 3 years, when I got him he had some behaviour problems and showing slight aggression towards other dogs and to my youngest granddaughter. So looking for someone who could help I came across Pack-Leader site and reading the reviews, I gave Nick a call and never regretted it.

He took Marley for just over 2 weeks and with the training he was given by Gloria he came back a totally different dog. I would highly recommend this training team. I was getting regular videos and updates on his daily training and so I could see how he was improving day by day Thank you Nick and your team More Nick was fantastic from start to finish. Our dog Trixie was brought as a companion for my late father, who unfortunately passed away 4 months after we got her. Myself and mum were new dog owners without any experience owning a dog, let alone training one!

I had a look on bark and created a profile. Nick was one of the first trainers to contact me and after reading his reviews and speaking to him, I knew he was the trainer I trusted with Trixie. We arranged a visit and he put us at ease straight away. What was supposed to be an initial chat ended with Nick leaving with Trixie! We felt so confident in his training skills that we immediately felt this was the best decision. While Trixie was with Nick and the team, we got regular updates about her progress.

We loved the videos and pictures, seeing Trixie get on so well with his trainers was fantastic. We missed Trixie lots but these updates really helped us with the seperation.

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When Trixie returned, she was as excited to see us as we were to see her! She has learnt to actually follow commands now, so she listens to us much better than before. We now also have the knowledge ourselves to train her and have a list of commands for her- perfect for dog newbies like me and mum!

Most importantly she is toilet trained, having lots of accidents before training to only having accidents before we learnt her nudge she gos to the door now! Overall the training Trixie received, the updates and we had and the tranining tips we have been given have been amazing! I could not recommend Nick and the team more, your dog will be well looked after and you will only wish you did this sooner!

My 4 year old German Shepherd went for a 2 week board as he was aggressive towards people and other dogs and his behaviour was getting worse. I was very nervous having him sent away for such a long time but I can't thank Nick and the team enough.